The Sex Trafficking Series

From March to December 2014, I researched and investigated the sex industry and human trafficking in Oregon. I spent a great deal of time interviewing sources and driving up and down Interstate-5 seeking the voices of the individuals who live in this world every day.
I would never have been able to complete this three-part series without a great deal of help from my editors at Ethos, my partner and photographer Devin Ream, my incredibly courageous sources, and my supportive wife, Stacie.
It is my hope that you will take the time to read these stories. Human trafficking is an extremely important issue that deserves your attention. The people who fight it, the people who advocate for the victims of it, and the victims who suffer without any voice deserve your attention.

Part One: In Plain Sight

Part Two: Speak Up!

Part Three: Case Closed

On February 27, 2015, Longreads chose part three as their “College Pick.” 

The follow-up, a reflection on my experience investigating these stories was published by Ethos on April 3, 2015: After Shock

For Devin’s entire photo array for this series, click here to visit his website.


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